8 Quick Fixes to Give Your Aging Home A Boost

As human beings, we are known to be attached to little things that mean so much to us. A home is a good example. When we are all grown up and move elsewhere, we still bear in our minds memories of our childhood and time spent in our homes. That is why it is important to keep our homes in good condition at all time. To make your aging home look good constantly, you need to focus on the little things and is as easy as ABC! House restoration requires time and money. Below is a list of 8 Quick Fixes to Give Your Aging Home a Boost:

1.) Stinking home.

To take care of stale air, you should spray the house with vanilla extracts to get a much needed fresh scent. Opening window often can also help.

2.) Broken faucet.

A drippy faucet may cause unnecessary problems. To take care of this, you should replace the faulty one with a new one from the store. Use a painter’s tape to wrap it if you are using a wrench to unscrew the parts. A painter’s tape will avoid scratching the faucet’s finish. Also consider replacing or fixing doorknobs, drawer handles, and light fixtures. Metals fixtures are durable, hence recommended.

3.) Running toilet.

Ensure that your chain is the right size and put a few droplets of food coloring to the water in the tank. If you notice the change in the color of bowl water, you should upgrade your flapper. The next step should be draining the tank and replace the flapper.

4.) Wall holes and fading paint.

Carelessly placed nails and wall décor holders can leave undesirable marks on the wall. For areas that not need repainting, you can use patching plaster and a putty knife to seal the holes. Otherwise, you should use plaster and primer combo and paint over the reconstructed areas. Apply a fresh coat of paint to make the house brighter and more inviting.

5.) Squeaky hardwood flooring.

Sweep talcum powder into floorboard joints. They should not rub together. If you still hearing a squeak, it is advisable to clasp your floorboards to the subfloor. You can also fix it yourself in no time by watching online tutorials on YouTube. The tutorials will guide you through the whole process. Floor renovations beautify the oldest of homes. Carpets can also work.

6.) Streaky and old windows.

Consider cleaning your windows on a cloudy day to be safe from sun streaks. A newspaper is a favorite among many people. Take caution should when cleaning vinyl windows to avoid the print from smearing white surfaces. Cover small windows with blinds and select flowing drapes for big windows.

7.) Moldy shower grout.

Wipe the moldy surface with a wet cloth. Apply baking soda and use a shower brush or an old toothbrush to scrub thoroughly. After 24 hours, use a sealer.

8.) Water stains on wood surfaces.

If the stain is only a few days old, iron it out. To do this, place a cotton towel on the ring, and press down the iron. If it doesn’t work dab mayonnaise or even petroleum jelly on a cloth and apply in the area. A white and non-gel toothpaste can also be used to lighten and remove the stained surfaces.

If you follow our 8 Quick Fixes to Give Your Aging Home a Boost, be sure to bring back the former glorious state of your home.