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Easter Decorating 101

Iconic Symbols and Meanings No matter your religious tradition, there are several reasons and historical origination for some of the Easter traditions we know today. Knowing the popular symbols and their history can assist you in decorating with the elements you feel most drawn to. Here are some of the most common elements of Easter […]

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Best Upcycled Home Decor

This list is a collection of upcycling projects involving some of the most common or most accessible upcycling items available. If you’re a regular DIYer or just someone who wants to add an element of interest to your home, here are some well-liked ideas. Ladders Old ladders, especially when painted or stained, can transform into […]

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Consider These Trends In Your Outdoor Living Space Design

Put the land around your home to good use by designing an ideal outdoor living space just for you and your family. Know your end goal when starting your design process. The typical dining set and barbecue may not be the relaxing ultra comfort outdoor living you want. Cooking and eating outside may just seem […]

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8 Popular Countertop Materials

When choosing kitchen countertops it’s important to factor your bathroom countertops and the ability to match countertops throughout the home, your lifestyle and design aesthetic. What is your budget? Are you willing to do any of the work yourself? Do you care about sustainability when choosing your materials? How much maintenance are you willing to […]