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Where To Begin Home Renovation

Whether you are renovating a home to sell or to live in longer, the best place to begin is by fixing anything broken or inefficient. This adds the most integrity and value to the home with the least amount of resources you have. Aesthetics can wait! The first thing you should do is call a licensed home inspector to evaluate water damage, leaks, the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning units, examine the roof, plumbing, and electrical and give you their expert opinion on upgrades that comparable homes are making. A local licensed home inspection costs 315.00 on average, small homes can cost 200.00 and large home upwards of 400.00.

Repairs and Replacements

Based on your home inspection you can evaluate which things to repair and which to replace. If you find any reason a system might be causing mold in the home, replace it! The health risks are not worth masking this problem. Whole home renovations are down since the mid-2000s when they peaked, and more homeowners are making repairs instead of replacements.

Bathroom Upgrades

Faulty ventilation and inefficient plumbing in bathrooms is the first room renovations to consider because this is where the most water and money are lost. If you don’t address the bathrooms and you are selling a home, the buyer’s inspector will likely make a point of it. Fun fact: bathroom remodeling projects were the most popular home upgrades in the year 2011.

Energy Efficiency

Homeowners are driven by efficiency and keeping monthly bills down far more than they ever were. A buyer is more likely to purchase a home if they see high Energy Star rated appliances in a kitchen, even if the countertops and cabinets are yucky. Many buyers will oversee an outdated kitchen’s aesthetics and welcome the opportunity to make it their own upon moving in. Immediate livability, however, is important to them and they want to see that the “guts” of the home are solid. The next likely important energy efficient piece of the home are windows and doors.

Easy Face Lifts

After you’ve addressed the home’s “guts”, you can reward yourself by giving the home inexpensive face lifts. Improving the landscaping and curb appeal of the front and/or back yard, painting the inside or outside of the home, replacing flooring, light fixtures and kitchen/bathroom hardware are all popular choices.

Hopefully after reading this, you feel better about how to tackle your home’s renovation if it’s a big project. You can start as small as you like, appreciating each accomplishment as you go. Renovating can be fun and easy, if taken in small chunks. As long as you plan well before starting a large renovation, take it in stride, and delegate funds to the proper professionals when you can’t do something yourself, you won’t regret investing in your home.

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