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Where To Begin Home Renovation

Whether you are renovating a home to sell or to live in longer, the best place to begin is by fixing anything broken or inefficient. This adds the most integrity and value to the home with the least amount of resources you have. Aesthetics can wait! The first thing you should do is call a licensed home inspector to evaluate water damage, leaks, the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning units, examine the roof, plumbing, and electrical and give you their expert opinion on upgrades that comparable homes are making. A local licensed home inspection costs 315.00 on average, small homes can cost 200.00 and large home upwards of 400.00.

Repairs and Replacements

Based on your home inspection you can evaluate which things to repair and which to replace. If you find any reason a system might be causing mold in the home, replace it! The health risks are not worth masking this problem. Whole home renovations are down since the mid-2000s when they peaked, and more homeowners are making repairs instead of replacements.

Bathroom Upgrades

Faulty ventilation and inefficient plumbing in bathrooms is the first room renovations to consider because this is where the most water and money are lost. If you don’t address the bathrooms and you are selling a home, the buyer’s inspector will likely make a point of it. Fun fact: bathroom remodeling projects were the most popular home upgrades in the year 2011.

Energy Efficiency

Homeowners are driven by efficiency and keeping monthly bills down far more than they ever were. A buyer is more likely to purchase a home if they see high Energy Star rated appliances in a kitchen, even if the countertops and cabinets are yucky. Many buyers will oversee an outdated kitchen’s aesthetics and welcome the opportunity to make it their own upon moving in. Immediate livability, however, is important to them and they want to see that the “guts” of the home are solid. The next likely important energy efficient piece of the home are windows and doors.

Easy Face Lifts

After you’ve addressed the home’s “guts”, you can reward yourself by giving the home inexpensive face lifts. Improving the landscaping and curb appeal of the front and/or back yard, painting the inside or outside of the home, replacing flooring, light fixtures and kitchen/bathroom hardware are all popular choices.

Hopefully after reading this, you feel better about how to tackle your home’s renovation if it’s a big project. You can start as small as you like, appreciating each accomplishment as you go. Renovating can be fun and easy, if taken in small chunks. As long as you plan well before starting a large renovation, take it in stride, and delegate funds to the proper professionals when you can’t do something yourself, you won’t regret investing in your home.

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8 Popular Countertop Materials

When choosing kitchen countertops it’s important to factor your bathroom countertops and the ability to match countertops throughout the home, your lifestyle and design aesthetic. What is your budget? Are you willing to do any of the work yourself? Do you care about sustainability when choosing your materials? How much maintenance are you willing to keep up? How important is hygiene to you in your kitchen? After you’ve answered these questions for yourself, you can view the following options and consider which ones fall in line.

Polished Granite/Marble

Granite is the most popular choice for a luxurious looking kitchen or bathroom countertop. Its popularity is due to price and its natural beauty. The stone comes in various beautiful colors and patterns, but can be tricky to match pieces together. Granite requires some care; sealing once per year and paying special attention to wiping up any spills before they stain. Other popular granite finished are honed granite which looks more matte than the traditional granite.


Quartz is about 20-40% more expensive than granite and for good reason. It requires the least amount of maintenance of all countertop materials because it is non-porous. The engineered quartz countertop is acid, scratch, stain, and heat resistant and obviously, being non-porous, does not need to be sealed like other materials do. A wide variety of colors and patterns are available. Soapstone is another non-porous material that has high resistance to stains and scratches as well.


Laminate is making a comeback because of its cost effectiveness and the cool patterns manufacturers are coming up with. Popular choices are wood grain and faux granite. Other laminate trends are bright colors and the 50s diner boomerang design. This option is extremely budget friendly but is not ideal for cutting on or placing hot pots and pans and can ruin quite easily if not careful.

Butcher Block Wood

Having countertops that look like cutting board can add to a cottage feeling home and is an ideal work space for a cook. When sealed properly the surface is an ideal one for cutting meat and is a very heat resistant material you can place hot pots and pans on all you want.

Stainless Steel

If homeowners don’t opt for the popular stainless steel appliances, they can go black appliances with stainless steel countertops. It doesn’t get any more modern and futuristic looking than that! It is the most hygienic countertop material on the market, comparable to the stainless steel used in medical atmospheres for its anti-bacterial properties.


Recycled counters can be made of various materials such as resin, glass, concrete, paper, plastic and more. They are available in many designs that mimic the look of previous design choices, so if you are one to look for the most sustainable options for everything you do- this might be an option you want to research.


Concrete is a really interesting option. It is soft and pleasing to the eye because of its usual neutral color palette and natural rock appearance. It’s also an energy efficient option because it absorbs heat when your home temperature rises and releases the heat once it cools down.


Tile is one of the easiest and most affordable options because it can be done yourself over a long weekend and you won’t have to pay a laborer to do it. It can have a really expensive look depending on the tile chosen and you can feel good about the job you’ve done every time you use and entertain in the kitchen.

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Bathroom Remodeling Trends To Consider In 2017

Antiquing and Restoration

This trend is the most work, so if you’re not a D.I.Y.er, let’s get this out of the way quickly! This design style requires a lot of thought, some shopping around, and a little elbow grease. You can pick an era to design from, or find an antique gem you want to restore and design around. This is by far the most time consuming trend, and perhaps one you can’t finish at once. It may be interesting and fun to add to over time though. It’s nothing short of interesting!


Pastels make popular bedroom colors, especially blue, because they invoke the emotion of relaxation. If your bathroom is a place of relaxation or serenity, this choice might be fore you. This may also be a choice for finished basement bathrooms or bathrooms with poor lighting or few windows because it gives the illusion of light and doesn’t contribute further to the problem. Consider frosted lighting to further soften the space. Two colors make the best palette with pastels, the pastel white white accessories. The most popular pastels for bathrooms are Light Green or Melon and Sky Blue. Honey Pot yellow is a close third.

Subway Tile

Subway tile is a popular finish in kitchens, but it is also a versatile and resell valuable choice for bathrooms as well. Whether you are shooting for country home or geometric mod, subway tiles are a forgiving choice. They also go well with the previous trend, pastels. It should be noted that subway tile can come in other colors, but white is the most popular. Grey is a close contender.

I think it’s important when discussing permanent tiling and design elements to take how much space you have into consideration. If you are working with quite a small amount of space you can select tiles and patters that are larger so you don’t have as many grout lines or busy-ness. Glossy and reflective tile, wall paper, paint, fixtures, and decorations can also improve the space’s ability to appear larger.

Chic Hotel

Matching hand towels, fancy soap, tissue and lotion vessels and seating are good places to begin when bringing the hotel home. Dimmable lighting and a small table accessible from a jet bathtub makes this bathroom an experience you’d usually experience away from home. Spa bathroom themes have always been popular, utilizing green bamboo plants, big black stone sculptures, and terry cotton bath robes and slippers are nice and all, but these suggestions take spa to the next level.

Bath Tub or Light Fixture as Central Focus

If this is the trend you want to achieve this year, you should shop for and buy this first so you know how to spend the rest of your budget on the remainder of your project. Stand alone bathtubs, vintage or contemporary feeling, make a great focus near the center of the room more away from the wall than traditionally placed. If the bath tub is not of importance or even an element included in your design, perhaps the light fixtures can be unique and eye catching. Chandeliers have been popular for ages and if the right design is chosen can be timeless.

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Imagine What Your House Could Look Like For Thanksgiving.. Do you need to Remodel?

A walk through treasures.

Let’s take a trip. Relax, you do not have to pay for the gas or food…yet. Our trip will take us through the most treasured moments you had in that beloved home. Close your eyes. Let me lead you over the dark hardwood floors that seemed cold under foot. As we walk through your home, you feel the soft carpet between your toes, supporting each step. Smell that? The welcoming scent of fresh bake cookies in that silver and black oven that once housed that large turkey for the Thanksgiving holiday. Each appliance appears to shine, clean and pleasant. The tan tiled floor feels like ice beneath your bare feet. You trace your fingers over the grooves between each tile over the surrounding counter tops. Come, stand by me. See the beautiful gardens through the clean glass windows.
Let’s continue this trip through time as we walk to the large bathroom that can house cities. Okay, maybe just a small town. As we walk through the door, we see the big circular bathtub next to the double white sinks and silver faucets. The surrounding walls appear beautiful with the white rose wallpaper. Heaven knows all to well the pleasures of sinking beneath the hot water within the deep tub before you.


Behold the signs of change.

Open your eyes slowly and behold the horrors of time. Don’t cry. That peeling wallpaper, stained with mold and mildew, can be brought back to the beauty it once was. As you look over the double sinks, now cracked and covered in soap scum, you feel the desire to back away slowly praying for it to go away. Relax, you are safe. Look at the dirt caked within the tiles over the bathroom floor, as well as throughout the kitchen. Missing our trip into the past yet? The cabinets are packed with containers ready to fall out onto the floor, if you can open the screeching doors.
I suppose by this time you are ready to remodel this unpleasant mess and bring it back to its former glory. Now you can. You can start by replacing those old appliances that are covered in stains. Adding new appliances is a great start to replacing the old with fresh luxuries. The next thing that should be fixed is the plumbing to allow the toilet to flush properly, rather than flushing ten gallons of water. That is enough for a short shower, but no showering in toilet water…gross.
Walking through your beloved home, you notice the large tub that is now covered in mildew and stains from time. The back-splash in the kitchen appears faded with water stains, and the cabinets appear as if they are going to fall onto the floor. As you open the dishwasher, you are forced to remove the containers that would have been stored in the cabinets if you were able to open them. No longer must your treasured home suffer. It is time to remodel.

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Do you want to turn your bathroom into a Spa? Here are some tips…

Tips for a Spa-Inspired Master Bathroom Remodel

The uniqueness of your master bathroom remodels arises from its ability to provide you with a private sanctuary installed in your house. If you want a bathroom that makes you escape from the hectic common issues in your life then it is time for you to advance your master bathroom so that you will enjoy the great spa in your home. The following tips of Boolers remodeling company will guide you towards obtaining the remodeling services that best suits you.

knoxville-bathroom-remodeling-to-a-spa-2-2The Budget

You should plan a realistic budget that you can afford. Your budget should at least be able to bear costs you will incur in hiring a qualified contractor and purchase quality fixtures and finishes. Ideally, installing quality equipment will make your remodeled bathroom last longer.

The Main Attraction

Bathtubs are essential features in spa inspire bathtubs. Visit showrooms to review and obtain some background knowledge about tubs. You skills would be necessary when choosing between a variety of tubs including Soaker tubs, hydrotherapy tubs, and traditional claw-foot tubs.

The Supporting Cast

Aside from all the luxury you get from the tub; the master bath is also equipped with a shower. It is important to review the various types of showers including rain showers heads, multi-head showers systems, steam showers, benches and custom tile at work among others.

The Stage

You should consider regarding the floor of your remodeled bathroom as an essential factor. Suggested great choices include stone and ceramic tiles as they can withstand humidity and traffic. Ideally, In-floor warming is out and out being an extravagant treat for your feet when you venture out of the shower or shower.

The Lighting Plan

Your contractor should guide you through choosing the appropriate bathroom design that that matches a proper light installation. Dimmer switches are great options as they enable you to control light and complexion of your spa.

The Finer Details

Additional accessories include finishing touches like installing sparkling mirrors, paint colors. Do not forget to introduce sparkling mirrors, soothing part colors, and calming artworks. These accessories would summarize your project with an ultimate indulgence to your remodeled space.

Clients who wish to begin their bathroom-remodeling project in the  area can contact the professional home remodeling contractors.

We provide a qualified and experienced team of bathroom designers and remodeling experts that are more than willing to advance your master bathroom. Our technicians will respond to your needs on time and realistic budget.

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HOME REMODELING COST VS. VALUE | Is Remodeling Your House Worth It?

Is Remodeling Your House Worth It?

Are you planning to install a brand-new entry door? Go ahead and install it. You will get back your money; and even a lot more when you sell it. As for adding a sunroom, your house will not have a good resale value; in fact, you’ll be lucky if you recover your initial investment.

Home Remodeling Cost versus Value Report

Cost versus Value report is released to the public on a yearly basis by Remodeling Magazine. The magazine is a US remodeling industry survey responsible for comparing changes in job costs against Realtor’s perceptions of how the improvements affect the resale price of a home. While we should not initiate all the renovation works with the sole aim of enhancing our home’s resale value (till we find that particular species of money tree), we have must pay attention to the underlying factor.

cost-v-value-knoxville-remodeling-home-house-2Where you Live Matters

Your place of residence makes a lot of difference in the cost/value ratio of your home. For instance, if you’re lucky enough to reside in the Pacific Northwest, you’re living in the highest price/value ratio all of the country’s nine (9) census divisions. As a matter of fact, all the projects in the five (5) states that border the Pacific Ocean recorded an average payback of an impressive 74 percent in resale value. On the contrary, the Mid-Atlantic States recorded an average tending to 47 percent. What a huge difference!

Effect of Mid-Range Attic Bedroom

In addition to a new entry door, another huge winner in the Cost Versus Value (CVV) Report is the installation of a mid-range Attic Bedroom. It has a 103 percent return rate.

Effect of Spiff Installation

And, a little kitchen remodeling (referred to as a “Spiff”) provides yet another great way of adding value to a home. In the Portland region, such an improvement adds a 94 percent return.

Intangible Effects

The survey does not mention the intangible effect of a new bathroom, kitchen, or even whole house modification, particularly for inhabitants who are intending to spend several years residing in their home. If you can model a space to be your space, and space you enjoy spending time in, it goes without saying that your efforts will add value as well.

Why You Should Entrust Your Remodeling Projects to Us

Are you wondering what remodeling tasks will work for you? Our designers have everything it takes to help you choose the renovations worth your time and money. The best part is, sitting down and going over your home remodeling improvements will not cost you anything at all.

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