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Designing Your Wet Bar

There is no shortage of wet bar designs in contemporary homes. This is because the most common piece of advice when designing your wet bar is to make it your own. The common thread among homeowners wanting a wet bar is that they entertain frequently. Aside from that, their needs and styles span a broad spectrum from what types of drinks they will be preparing, where in there home they see a wet bar and where they want to be in conjunction to their seated guests. This article is a good place to open up to all the limitless possibilities and begin to narrow them down according to your personal tastes!

Where In Your Home

Deciding where to put your bar mainly depends on where you entertain most, but in the case of the wet bar, you might also consider where there are already plumbing needs met. Common placement for wet bars is in finished basements, off of kitchens, in the corner of the living room or above or below existing bathrooms on other floors. If expense is no consideration, you can put your bar anywhere you like! If you are considering saving money you will want to discard the sink altogether or choose placement where your contractor can easily make new lines to your bar.

Shape and Measurements

Again, there are limitless options for bar designs. Do you want to be able to “work” behind your bar? Or make it self-serve against a wall? Where you will be in comparison to your guests will largely determine the design of your bar. After you’ve decided this factor, you can choose its shape. Some bars are rectangular, others round and some completely circular. Consider your other design elements when choosing your shape such as the style of chairs your guests will sit on, and refrigerator and sink placement.

It’s a common suggestion to visit actual local bars to get an idea of the measurements you see yourself most comfortable using. A self-serving bar will likely be the height of regular kitchen cabinets, but one where you are the bartender you will find a wide variety of guest to bartender countertop measurements. Visiting at least 3 local bars on days they are least busy and chatting up the owner or manager in a friendly manner, and measuring the height of both sides of the bar if he/she allows, it will give you the best idea of what you will want for your own home with ZERO regret.

Style and Fixtures

A common style is a granite on top of dark wood with modern silver finishings and under cabinet lighting, but again, there are countless combinations to choose from. Googling ‘home bars’ will give you a great gallery to gather ideas from. Important choices include what type of storage you will need (wine racks, bottle shelves, enclosed cabinets or cabinets that display their contents), bar surfaces, lighting, sink, refrigerator, flooring and bar stools or seating.


Accessories include bar signs and decor, flat screen TVs, games such as darts, cards, dice or pool, fireplaces, and more. It may help you to design your bar using graph paper to visualize all the components including the accessories before they are all put together. Have fun with it! Homeowners who have designed their own bar demonstrate it being their pride and joy of the house. It’s an excellent gathering space to enjoy other’s company purely without the distraction of electronic devices, daily stresses or things going on in other parts of the house.