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Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Vs. Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

You might have a subconscious winner in your mind when considering kitchen sink options, but after pouring over this list you could change your mind about double and single bowl kitchen sinks, especially when considering future owners of your home. Both double bowl and single bowl kitchen sinks have a lot of different benefits to offer. Check them out!

Single Bowl Sinks

Single bowl sinks are best for smaller spaces. They take up the least amount of counter space and can simplify the visual design of the kitchen nicely. Having a single bowl sink is great for a single person in a small space because it encourages them to clean their sitting dishes fast or get them quickly into a small dishwasher. Larger single bowl sinks can also be installed into kitchens and offer the same simplicity, but more space! This is an ideal option for a business or person who enjoys cooking or baking, or makes a living doing it. The pots and pans needed for baking large batches of things will need adequate space in a large single bowl sink for soaking and washing. The only disadvantage of the sink is having to use counter space for a drying rack if you don’t want to use your dishwasher for drying or don’t have one. People who may not want a single bowl sink are people who put off doing their dishes and multi-taskers who really appreciate the space another sink bowl has to offer.

Double Bowl Sinks

Like previously mentioned, double bowl sinks are great for multi-tasking. Double bowl sinks are most often chosen as the standard for apartment building units because its a good choice for most people. Most people use one bowl for preparing, cleaning, and peeling fruits and vegetables and disposing of them in a garbage disposal. The other space is most commonly used for a dish rack. Sink bowls can be used to soak dishes or to hold a cleaning solution for wiping counters, cabinets, and appliance surfaces. Some innovative people have also found use for the dividing wall between the sinks, filling pots!

As far as space is concerned, both options have different sizes and designs available. If you choose to go with a double bowl sink, you can even find a number of different ratios between bowl sizes.

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8 Popular Countertop Materials

When choosing kitchen countertops it’s important to factor your bathroom countertops and the ability to match countertops throughout the home, your lifestyle and design aesthetic. What is your budget? Are you willing to do any of the work yourself? Do you care about sustainability when choosing your materials? How much maintenance are you willing to keep up? How important is hygiene to you in your kitchen? After you’ve answered these questions for yourself, you can view the following options and consider which ones fall in line.

Polished Granite/Marble

Granite is the most popular choice for a luxurious looking kitchen or bathroom countertop. Its popularity is due to price and its natural beauty. The stone comes in various beautiful colors and patterns, but can be tricky to match pieces together. Granite requires some care; sealing once per year and paying special attention to wiping up any spills before they stain. Other popular granite finished are honed granite which looks more matte than the traditional granite.


Quartz is about 20-40% more expensive than granite and for good reason. It requires the least amount of maintenance of all countertop materials because it is non-porous. The engineered quartz countertop is acid, scratch, stain, and heat resistant and obviously, being non-porous, does not need to be sealed like other materials do. A wide variety of colors and patterns are available. Soapstone is another non-porous material that has high resistance to stains and scratches as well.


Laminate is making a comeback because of its cost effectiveness and the cool patterns manufacturers are coming up with. Popular choices are wood grain and faux granite. Other laminate trends are bright colors and the 50s diner boomerang design. This option is extremely budget friendly but is not ideal for cutting on or placing hot pots and pans and can ruin quite easily if not careful.

Butcher Block Wood

Having countertops that look like cutting board can add to a cottage feeling home and is an ideal work space for a cook. When sealed properly the surface is an ideal one for cutting meat and is a very heat resistant material you can place hot pots and pans on all you want.

Stainless Steel

If homeowners don’t opt for the popular stainless steel appliances, they can go black appliances with stainless steel countertops. It doesn’t get any more modern and futuristic looking than that! It is the most hygienic countertop material on the market, comparable to the stainless steel used in medical atmospheres for its anti-bacterial properties.


Recycled counters can be made of various materials such as resin, glass, concrete, paper, plastic and more. They are available in many designs that mimic the look of previous design choices, so if you are one to look for the most sustainable options for everything you do- this might be an option you want to research.


Concrete is a really interesting option. It is soft and pleasing to the eye because of its usual neutral color palette and natural rock appearance. It’s also an energy efficient option because it absorbs heat when your home temperature rises and releases the heat once it cools down.


Tile is one of the easiest and most affordable options because it can be done yourself over a long weekend and you won’t have to pay a laborer to do it. It can have a really expensive look depending on the tile chosen and you can feel good about the job you’ve done every time you use and entertain in the kitchen.

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Imagine What Your House Could Look Like For Thanksgiving.. Do you need to Remodel?

A walk through treasures.

Let’s take a trip. Relax, you do not have to pay for the gas or food…yet. Our trip will take us through the most treasured moments you had in that beloved home. Close your eyes. Let me lead you over the dark hardwood floors that seemed cold under foot. As we walk through your home, you feel the soft carpet between your toes, supporting each step. Smell that? The welcoming scent of fresh bake cookies in that silver and black oven that once housed that large turkey for the Thanksgiving holiday. Each appliance appears to shine, clean and pleasant. The tan tiled floor feels like ice beneath your bare feet. You trace your fingers over the grooves between each tile over the surrounding counter tops. Come, stand by me. See the beautiful gardens through the clean glass windows.
Let’s continue this trip through time as we walk to the large bathroom that can house cities. Okay, maybe just a small town. As we walk through the door, we see the big circular bathtub next to the double white sinks and silver faucets. The surrounding walls appear beautiful with the white rose wallpaper. Heaven knows all to well the pleasures of sinking beneath the hot water within the deep tub before you.


Behold the signs of change.

Open your eyes slowly and behold the horrors of time. Don’t cry. That peeling wallpaper, stained with mold and mildew, can be brought back to the beauty it once was. As you look over the double sinks, now cracked and covered in soap scum, you feel the desire to back away slowly praying for it to go away. Relax, you are safe. Look at the dirt caked within the tiles over the bathroom floor, as well as throughout the kitchen. Missing our trip into the past yet? The cabinets are packed with containers ready to fall out onto the floor, if you can open the screeching doors.
I suppose by this time you are ready to remodel this unpleasant mess and bring it back to its former glory. Now you can. You can start by replacing those old appliances that are covered in stains. Adding new appliances is a great start to replacing the old with fresh luxuries. The next thing that should be fixed is the plumbing to allow the toilet to flush properly, rather than flushing ten gallons of water. That is enough for a short shower, but no showering in toilet water…gross.
Walking through your beloved home, you notice the large tub that is now covered in mildew and stains from time. The back-splash in the kitchen appears faded with water stains, and the cabinets appear as if they are going to fall onto the floor. As you open the dishwasher, you are forced to remove the containers that would have been stored in the cabinets if you were able to open them. No longer must your treasured home suffer. It is time to remodel.

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The Hottest Kitchen Remodeling Trends in Knoxville

Are you looking for new and exciting ways for remodeling your kitchen? Remember, searching through the remodeling trends for what works best for you can also be the hardest part. With new options from floor to ceiling, you can change one area or remodel the entire kitchen for better function, storage, and visual appeal. Here are some top kitchen remodeling trends that may inspire your style, design, and taste and give you a completely different outlook.

Quart Precision

Being the new material for kitchen countertops, you can now do away with granite. Although granite is elegant and natural, quarts will give you a simpler look that will match a softer approach to kitchen remodeling. It also offers better resistance to stains since its surface is less porous as compared to granite. This gives it a more practical and stylish look.

Steam heat

When it comes to appliances, microwave ovens are no longer the in thing. Instead, steam convention ovens are nowadays believed to be the best things in kitchen remodeling. They are not only available in both countertops models and wall mounted models, but they are also becoming popular because they are versatile and healthy for cooking.

Move outside

A Knoxville trend is currently moving out by expanding livable space out of the home. Because homeowners want to enjoy their yards, outdoor kitchens are increasingly becoming popular. These areas are not the normal patio. You can remodel the backyard to new standards with prep sinks, cooktops, compact refrigeration and storage units for a completely working kitchen. This can ensure that your home interior remains cool during the hottest seasons. By adding a fireplace, you will have the perfect place to enjoy a quite time with your family or entertain friends.

Fusion Cuisine

The current trend in Knoxville is reflecting food trends mixed with different tastes and styles. You can take a cue from some of the best restaurants when remodeling your kitchen. Mix traditional styles with modern touches to get the best eclectic look.

Fresh tools

Instead of sleek stainless, appliances are currently moving to other options with metallic finishes. Gold stainless tones and darker charcoal gray are creative trends that can make your kitchen look amazing. Since copper can be used for anything from new faucets to kitchen hoods, it’s also becoming popular when it comes to appliances.

Working Island

If you are looking for more versatility, you should consider having kitchen islands. They require more function and more usefulness with room for counter seating and storage. You can think about deep drawers, cabinet space, and built in bookshelves plus a bit of overhang to allow for a quick casual dining.knoxville-kitchen-remodel-working-island

Soothing shades

Instead of the sharp contrast of black and white, you can opt for softer tones for kitchen remodeling ideas. To add an element of peace to what can be a frenzied room, more designs now feature relaxing neutral colors. The color schemes that dominated the 2016 Knoxville color trends are taking cool and gentle approach.

Bold Backsplash

If you think that the latest kitchen remodeling trends are not the best, you are mistaken. The daring design and the pop of color are delivered through the backsplash. In fact, you can even come up with your own design for a personalized look that portrays your vision and personality. Since you can try out a color or a pattern that may dominate your kitchen, if applied in other areas, backlashes can allow your creativity to flow.knoxville-kitchen-renovation-backsplash-counter

Have a space for pets

While some homeowners block the kitchen pet gates, others welcome them into the kitchen. You can take this notch higher and create a permanent spot that is accessible for your pets. The lower tier drawer removal, the end of an island and the end of a row of cabinets can make the best spots for pet bowl foods. You can modify it further by adding a faucet to make it easier to fill the water bowl.

Final words

By trying out these remodeling trends in your design you can have a kitchen that not only has aesthetics but a purpose as well. When it comes to kitchen remodeling options, you are free to choose your style. You may also choose to work with a professional to define your ideas and needs into a workspace that matches your style. If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, these amazing ideas can inspire you.