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Consider These Trends In Your Outdoor Living Space Design

Put the land around your home to good use by designing an ideal outdoor living space just for you and your family. Know your end goal when starting your design process. The typical dining set and barbecue may not be the relaxing ultra comfort outdoor living you want. Cooking and eating outside may just seem like a lot of work and mess to you. Consider if some of these trends fit your end goal.

The Wet Bar

Nothing new here but as mentioned above, if you think an outdoor kitchen just means a lot of work and mess, consider a wet bar. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres on the patio are easy and a lot less messy. The word hors d’oeuvre means outside the work, which illustrates this idea perfectly. We have seen beautiful, shiny, and inviting outdoor kitchens in magazines and home shows. Just picture that same space after a dinner party.

A wet bar should include a sink, a refrigerator, and, of course, a bar. Include extra electrical receptors for blenders, ice makers, lighting, and your sound system.

Portable Ice Machine

No more lugging bags of ice. No more running out of ice. Portable ice machines can produce new ice every 10 minutes. No need for plumbing. Just fill the reservoir. Portable means you can move it to your other fabulous living spaces to use.

Cocktail Railing

If you need to incorporate railing into your outdoor living space how about cocktail railing? Just top your railing with material wide enough to be able to set down your drinks or plates. A valuable function for your outdoor parties.

Outdoor TV

Outdoor tvs are made to be outdoors. Models should be weather resistant and withstand extreme temperatures. It must be able to keep moisture and dust out of the interior. They also need to be brighter than indoor tv’s to ensure a vivid picture in outdoor lighting. Consult your outdoor tv dealer for specifics and considerations for installation.

Gas Tiki Torches

Include this feature in your lighting design. Tiki torches create a romantic island feeling. The height and flame adjustment ability keep the heat away from you, unlike a fire pit. A way to have a fire feature on a hot night.

Outdoor Pizza Oven

You sure want your pizza oven outside because these ovens can reach 700 degrees. Gas fueled pizza ovens can be portable. Wood fueled pizza ovens can be a nice fixture in your outdoor kitchen. Imagine having piping hot pizza baked to perfection in as little as five minutes. And you don’t heat up the kitchen.

The outdoor space you design with the right features for you can make you not want to come back indoors.