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Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Vs. Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

You might have a subconscious winner in your mind when considering kitchen sink options, but after pouring over this list you could change your mind about double and single bowl kitchen sinks, especially when considering future owners of your home. Both double bowl and single bowl kitchen sinks have a lot of different benefits to offer. Check them out!

Single Bowl Sinks

Single bowl sinks are best for smaller spaces. They take up the least amount of counter space and can simplify the visual design of the kitchen nicely. Having a single bowl sink is great for a single person in a small space because it encourages them to clean their sitting dishes fast or get them quickly into a small dishwasher. Larger single bowl sinks can also be installed into kitchens and offer the same simplicity, but more space! This is an ideal option for a business or person who enjoys cooking or baking, or makes a living doing it. The pots and pans needed for baking large batches of things will need adequate space in a large single bowl sink for soaking and washing. The only disadvantage of the sink is having to use counter space for a drying rack if you don’t want to use your dishwasher for drying or don’t have one. People who may not want a single bowl sink are people who put off doing their dishes and multi-taskers who really appreciate the space another sink bowl has to offer.

Double Bowl Sinks

Like previously mentioned, double bowl sinks are great for multi-tasking. Double bowl sinks are most often chosen as the standard for apartment building units because its a good choice for most people. Most people use one bowl for preparing, cleaning, and peeling fruits and vegetables and disposing of them in a garbage disposal. The other space is most commonly used for a dish rack. Sink bowls can be used to soak dishes or to hold a cleaning solution for wiping counters, cabinets, and appliance surfaces. Some innovative people have also found use for the dividing wall between the sinks, filling pots!

As far as space is concerned, both options have different sizes and designs available. If you choose to go with a double bowl sink, you can even find a number of different ratios between bowl sizes.