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Best Upcycled Home Decor

This list is a collection of upcycling projects involving some of the most common or most accessible upcycling items available. If you’re a regular DIYer or just someone who wants to add an element of interest to your home, here are some well-liked ideas.


Old ladders, especially when painted or stained, can transform into a few different pieces. One favorite is as a blanket holder in a cozy living room. Another is shelving created by connecting two ladders with matching pieces of wood.

Kitchen Islands from Dressers and Desks

Kitchen islands can be made of many re-purposed pieces of furniture such as a desk or dresser. Shabby chic is a popular finish, but you can stain it to match your cupboards as well. Applying some fixtures to it such as a towel rod on one end, hooks on its back side, and a new top in any material you see fit for your kitchen make the island optimally functional.

Bed Coverlet from Cast Off Tablecloth

Cloth tablecloths have unique patterns you might not find in the usual department store bedding sections. The thin material can offer a nice, thin option for summer time. You can also just use the tablecloth as end-of-bed cover where your shoe would lie if you were to wear them, just like a hotel.

Electrical/Plumbing Pipe Curtain Rods

Old electrical or plumbing pipe can make an unusually modern upgrade to a space. It can fit a variety of decorative styles including contemporary, cottage, and rustic. Aside from curtain rods, you can make an entirely divided space where there wasn’t already in a small space, offer a space privacy, or hide existing eye soar storage.

Bath Shelf

A wooden plank of any kind can be made into a bath shelf used to house a floral arrangement in a vase, reading materials, beverages, bubble bath or other bath accessories. This is one cute way to spruce up a bathroom, especially to add a pop of color to an otherwise plain colored or white bathroom. Having a focal point of a bathroom is one popular design trend. This could highlight a great bathtub if you have one.

Barn Doors

What would this listicle be without barn doors?! Barn doors make especially good options for places with minimal space because they free-up the space that would otherwise be the doorway. They provide a very aesthetically pleasing option for a strong barrier of privacy between the master bedroom and the rest of the house.